Transition Program


The Transition Program provides mid-trimester, incoming students with a unique opportunity to earn course credits towards their high school graduation. Enrollment in this program is temporary and begins with a three to five-day orientation period. Following orientation, students are enrolled in a combination of online and direct instruction courses. At the start of the next trimester, students then integrate into Frontier High School’s regular 5-period day. Students should take advantage of this opportunity by being productive, efficient, respectful, and determined participants while enrolled in the Transition Program.

Belen Flores – Transition Teacher

Transition Program Standards
The Transition Program targets the following American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success: K-12 College- and Career-Readiness Standards for Every Student

Category 1: Mindset Standards
M 3. Sense of belonging in the school environment
M 6. Positive attitude toward work and learning

Category 2: Behavior Standards- Learning Strategies
B-LS 6. Set high standards of quality
B-LS 4. Apply self-motivation and self-direction to learning
B-LS 7. Identify long- and short-term academic, career and social/ emotional goals
B-LS 10. Participate in enrichment and extracurricular activities

Category 2: Behavior Standards- Self-Management Skills
B-SMS 10. Demonstrate ability to manage transitions and ability to adapt to changing situations and responsibilities
B-SMS 2. Demonstrate self-discipline and self-control
B-SMS 3. Demonstrate ability to work independently

Category 2: Behavior Standards- Social Skills
B-SS 9. Demonstrate social maturity and behaviors appropriate to the situation and environment
B-SS 5. Demonstrate ethical decision-making and social responsibility