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Senior Information

Important Dates

Dates Activity
Saturday, May 20th @ 6-10pm Prom: "A Night In Hollywood" 

*Mid-Year Graduates Only-

Thursday, May 25th  and Friday, May 26th @ 1:30- 4:00pm

Cap & Gown Pick-Up Day; You must be CLEARED by having all textbooks & devices turned in AND debts paid

**End of Year Graduates-

Tuesday, May 30th -Thursday, June 1st

Cap & Gown Pick-Up Day; You must be CLEARED by having all textbooks & devices turned in AND debts paid
Friday, June 2nd @ 8-2pm

Grad Night: Universal Studios

Arrive at campus by 5:30, Bus leaves promptly at 6:00 pm

*Schedule your ride pick up to arrive at campus around 3:30 am

Important Notice: Students may NOT drive themselves to the theme park.



Date & Time: 

Monday June 5th   /   Ceremony Begins @ 2pm

Graduates need to arrive early @ 1:00 pm; Come ready will your cap and gown on!

*Doors will open for guests at 1:15pm and parties will be escorted into the venue to ensure all seating is filled accordingly


Rancho Campana Performing Arts Center

4235 Mar Vista Drive, Camarillo 93010

Tickets: 4 tickets per graduate will be issued at the time of cap and gown pick-up
Parking: *See map below-

The ceremony will be held indoors. This is a theater-style seating arrangement and it does not accomodate strollers. Please be aware that strollers may have to be parked outside of the building. Please do not bring the following items inside the Performing Arts Center:

  • No Food or Drinks will be permitted
  • No Balloons
  • No Noisemakers

*Additionally, NO Air horns, flags, confetti, large signs (including bigheads of your student) will be allowed indoors. In essence, anything that disrupts the view and enjoyment of the families behind and around you. These items will be confiscated at the gate and you can pick them up after the ceremony.

Ceremony: All guests must arrive on time and be seated BEFORE the graduates walk in. Guests who arrive late during the ceremony procession, will need to wait to be seated until all graduates have entered the building.
After Ceremony:

After the ceremony, graduates should plan to meet their families at the front of the Performing Arts Center.

Diplomas will be available to be picked up by the graduate after the ceremony.

Photography: TBA


RCHS Parking Information

First page of the PDF file: RCHSTrafficMap_Graduation

Graduation Cap Decorating and Etiquette

Please take into consideration the following rules when decorating your graduation cap. Failure to follow these rules could result in walking the line without a cap at graduation. 

  1. NO offensive language, sayings, nicknames, pictures, logos or lyrics on cap.

  2. NO objects such as signs, stuffed animals, bells, flowers, or any 3D object may rest on the cap

  3. ALL decorations MUST LAY FLAT (one dimensional) on the cap (Nothing can lay perpendicular, thus allowing us to see the decoration beyond eye level)

  4. Your cap CANNOT make noise (No bells, horns, or anything that makes noise)

Along with the above guidelines you may (without prior authorization) decorate your cap to:

  • Recognize the College, University, J.C., U.S. Military Branch, or Tech/Vocational School you will be attending.

Along with the above guidelines you may use one of the following suggestions for appropriate cap decorations:

  • A “Thank You” to a parent, grandparent, teacher, guardian, or mentor

If you are at all unsure, please take a picture and email it to We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible. Or, you can stop by Room 13 to discuss your ideas.

Please understand that if you don’t get your cap decoration pre-approved, and it veers from these guidelines, it will be confiscated before we walk into the ceremony and you will not have a cap.