Peer Resource

This program has been in the district for over 20 years and is supported by the Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) grant.

Students in the Peer Resource class are introduced to effective peer to peer communication, presentation skills, and public speaking. Students are provided out of class opportunities to learn teamwork, cooperation, and presentation skills, as well as additional information about how to present the harmful effects of ATOD to their peers.

Throughout the course of the year, students cover topics ranging from healthy relationships to bullying to suicide prevention. They are also responsible for the school’s involvement with Red Ribbon Week, blood drives, and anti-tobacco presentation. Students work with a variety of organization, including Interface, Friday Night Live, and StraightUP Ventura to expand both their knowledge and experience.

Peer Resource students are encouraged to become involved with the Leos, the FHS community service club, to further their outreach and experience. This allows the students to become more deeply involved with issues that are especially important to them.

In addition to class mini-lectures, guest speakers, and school wide projects, students are given the opportunity to learn via online lessons from EVERFI and Brain Pop.

Kimberly Dallape