Weekly Update

Student and Teacher posing
Poster of frontier high school
March 6, 2020

Rockets Student of the Month

Shout out to Rocket student, Eduardo Echeverria for being recognized as January’s Student of the Month. Eduardo was selected for this award by the Staffulty at FHS. Eduardo utilizes his time wisely to benefit his academic advancement. He embraces our school culture and has taken advantage of being a leader with our Robotics program and uses every opportunity to make himself stand out. One of his teachers stated, “He is a zero on the scale of conduct disorder and a 10 when working with students who want to achieve and succeed.”

FHS Youth Culture and Climate keeping busy

Youth Culture and Climate was busy this trimester! From organizing our winter blood drive to celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week. Through the course of the three months we also worked with BRITE to produce a number of video projects on the dangers of vaping. Our class culminated with attending the Teens Kick Ash conference at Rancho Campana. It was a very successful trimester!

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