Frontier High School Bus Route Schedules 2022-2023

Frontier High School 2022 – 2023

Bus Route Schedules

Horarios de los recorridos de Autobuses

NOTE: New students should always call the Transportation Office 385-2543 to make sure they will be picked up at their stop. Students should be at bus stops 5 minutes before arrival time.

Route/F-1 | Bus #3 | Driver: Kevin Workman | El Rio, North Oxnard, Nyland Acres Run

Leave FHSNO AM2:26 PM
3402 E. Vineyard Ave (76 Station)8:40 AM3:00 PM
Stroube St. / Jourdan Ave.8:45 AM2:56 PM
Vineyard Ave. / Edelweiss (Timbers Apts)8:51 AMNO PM
“H” St. / Vineyard Ave.NO AM2:50 PM
Gonzales Rd. / “H” St.8:57 AM2:48 PM
Snow Ave. / Sabrina St.9:03 AM2:43 PM
Nyeland Ave. / Ventura Blvd.9:10 AM2:36 PM
Arrive FHS9:20 AMNO PM

Route/F-2 | Bus #4 | Driver: Francisco Martinez | Beach

Leave FHSNO AM2:26 PM
Victoria Ave/Gumm Tree Rd (City Bus Stop)8:35 AM3:12 PM
Harbor Blvd. / Wooley Rd.8:37 AM3:10 PM
Harbor Blvd. / Costa De Oro8:40 AM3:08 PM
Hemlock Blvd. / Victoria Ave.8:43 AM3:04 PM
Hemlock Rd. / Patterson Rd.8:46 AM3:01 PM
Channel Islands Blvd. / Ventura Rd.8:53 AM2:56 PM
Channel Islands Blvd. / Samuel Ave. (Behind Bank)8:59 AMNO PM
Channel Islands Blvd. / Gisler Ave.NO AM2:46 PM
Channel Islands Blvd. / Dupont St.9:05 AM2:41 PM
Arrive FHS9:20 AMNO PM

Route/F-3 | AM Bus #33 | Driver: Manny Capilla / PM | Camarillo

Leave FHSNO AM2:26 PM
1765 Pancho Rd.8:35 AM2:50 PM
Adolfo Rd. / Mission Oaks Blvd.8:55 AM2:43 PM
Adolfo Rd. / Ponderosa Dr.8:56 AM2:42 PM
Pondersosa Dr. / Eston Way8:58 AM2:40 PM
Ponderosa Dr. / Temple Ave.9:01 AM2:38 PM
Ponderosa Dr. / Arniel Rd.9:05 AM2:35 PM
Ponderosa Dr. / Carmen Dr.9:07 AM2:33 PM
Ponderosa Dr. / Rosewood Ave.9:08 AM2:32 PM
Ponderosa Dr. / Calle La Roda9:10 AM2:31 PM
Arrive FHS9:20 AMNO PM

Route/F-4 | Bus #12 | Driver: Michael Ferraro | South Oxnard

Leave FHSNO AM2:26 PM
Hill St. / G St. (Baseball Field)8:40 AM3:07 PM
Ventura Rd. / Sunkist (CBC Base)8:54 AM3:00 PM
Ventura Rd. / Bard (CBC Base)NO AM2:58 PM
Pleasant Valley Rd. / Evergreen Ln.8:58 AMNO PM
Pleasant Valley Rd. / “J” Street9:01 AM2:56 PM
Pleasant Valley Rd. / Charles St.9:03 AM2:54 PM
Pleasant Valley Rd. / Squires Dr.9:05 AM2:49 PM
Pleasant Valley Rd. / Terrace Ave.NO AM2:46 PM
Pleasant Valley Rd / Bard Rd.9:08 AM2:42 PM
Laguna Rd.9:14 AM2:37 PM
Arrive FHS9:20 AMNO PM

Route/F-5 | Bus #301 | Driver: German Prieto | Colonia, Central Oxnard, Community Center

Arrive / Leave FHSNO AM2:26 PM
Ninth St. / “H” St. (Comm. Center)8:58 AM2:50 PM
Third St. / “H” St.9:02 AM2:47 PM
Camino Del Sol (Library Parking Lot)9:10 AM2:41 PM
Arrive FHS9:20 AMNO PM