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Students on lesson

Weekly Update

May 31, 2019

Engaged in Earth & Space Science Class:

On Wednesday, Mr. S’gro’s outstanding earth & space science class were engaged with hands-on lessons. Several lessons, focusing on power of observation in developing ideas and communicating what they have learned have been employed already.

Students answer prompts such as; What is the device? What activates the device? How does the device respond to being activated? These prompts lead to an explanation of what was observed, followed by student generated questions. For example; Why does the device activate with some materials, such as people, but not with other materials, such as wood?

Students have investigated spectroscopes and gyroscopes. More hands-on and engaging activities, explorations and opportunities for investigation are to come.

Maria and Julian (mas fuerte) demonstrate their ability to complete a circuit.
Maddux is “blown away” with the amazing discovery within Noah’s forehead.

FHS S.N.A.C. visit local farm:

Students in S.N.A.C. (Student Nutrition Advisory Council) as well as other students who have helped build and beautify Frontier’s garden were invited on a trip to view two local farms. This experience allowed students to learn various ways that food is grown, harvested, and processed. Students got to visit Beylik Farm in Fillmore and learn about sustainable and efficient growth without pesticides through the use of hydroponics. They also got to visit The Abundant Table, a collection of individual, organic farms, where those who work in the fields are empowered through ownership and a mission for collective communal good. 

Orlando Anastacio
Erik Onofre