Weekly Update

MAY 17, 2019


Adulting Classes
During the week of SBAC testing for all 11th grade students, Frontier HS held morning sessions on “Becoming an Adult” over at the Skyway Playhouse.  All 10th and 12th grade students were presented with two topics each morning. These practical topics included:

  • Importance of your Credit Score
  • First Aid / Health
  • Car Maintenance
  • Law Enforcement
  • Preparing your Taxes
  • Moving out on your own
  • Getting and keeping a job

The FHS Leos have remained busy this week.  On Saturday they added a helping hand to the Camarillo Health Care District shredding event, and then spent the week preparing for the blood drive and upcoming FHS Health Fair.  A special thanks to our blood donors: students, teachers and substitutes!!!