Weekly Update

March 1, 2019


On Thursday, February 21st, Mr. Yount, Mrs. Edgeworth, and Mr. Sanchez had the opportunity to take 32 outstanding Frontier students to the Ronald Reagan Library and Museum. The students were led on a docent tour through the museum, Air Force One, and also had a chance to view a piece of the Berlin Wall, and Pompeii: The Exhibition, where students observed authentic artifacts and cast figures from Southern Italy. The students enjoyed the trip, especially those that had not visited the museum before. Due to inclement weather, it even hailed, snowed, and rained during the afternoon, which the students enjoyed, as many had never seen snow before!


The World of Peer Resource

As our second trimester comes to an end, it is time to say good-bye to Peers for the year.  Here are some of the things we have covered…

– International Peace                                  – Blood Drives

– Anti-Tobacco Education                            – Bullying Prevention

– Dangers of Distracted Driving (Roadwatch and Street Smart)

– Anti-Drug Education (Red Ribbon) and Prescription Drug Abuse

– Alcohol Abuse                                           – Homelessness

– Human Trafficking                                   – AIDS Education

– Healthy Relationships                               – Team Building

– Random Acts of Kindness 

When asked what made the greatest impact on them, each student represented their response on the canvas seen below.



The Leos have been working hard this month.  They prepared and delivered Valentines to each ARC participantThey also voted to purchase and make blankets to hand out while serving lunch to the homeless in Oxnard.